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Biomelem is a company that specializes in hair and skin care products. Biomelem was founded in Belgrade in 1989. The development is based on the family tradition of collecting medicinal herbs and the advancement is to combine the tradition with modern science and technology.


Since 1989
on the market

Our story begins at the beginning of the last century, in the time of folk medicine, when the people of Serbia used various herbs to heal themselves.

As a legacy, we were given certain recipes that we tried on ourselves and our families and found that they had great healing and beneficial effects. We have decided to incorporate the knowledge passed on to us into our products.

And that's how Biomelem came about.


Production of
high quality

Biomelem Company was founded in November 1989 as a business selling and manufacturing medicinal herbs and beauty products. Today we produce many different types of shampoos and other hair and personal care products.

In 2012, after 20 years of successful production of high-quality cosmetics in cooperation with the Active SEE Project company, we decided to enter the field of products that contribute to a healthy diet


In addition to our main activities, we are also proud that we are a socially responsible company and act as actor of the following projects: "Very Special Product VSP", "My Hero" and "Body AS The Work of Art".

The founder of "Biomelem" is also the boss of the non-governmental organization which promotes social values through multimedia stories about the incredible achievements of simple people. It is only conclusive that Mr. ILIC has opted for the program "Young Entrepreneur" of the College of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship.


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