Ceano Meso is a skin tech brand, but one of ours most important
core values are nature and the environment.


We are making great strides to improve our sustainability in day-to-day factory operations and with our products. Our ultimate goal is to become a climate neutral company and to use 100% sustainable packaging.

Hyaluronic acid

it is now considered natural
Magic remedy as it is our skin
supplied with moisture and resilience!


We have anhydrous products
developed like powder cleaners.
25 times lower carbon footprint.


In a new digital age
we do not print a catalog
or prospectus more

Cruelty free & vegan

For ethical reasons and in accordance with the strict requirements of European regulations,
we of course do not carry out any animal tests.

We won't ask any other company to test on our behalf. We take the review of our supplier compliance as an integral part of our product development process very seriously. We look forward to the day when animal testing is forever banned around the world.

With extensive formulation experience, we take care of what should and should not be included in a formulation, we respect the skin and guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the products. We are committed to the development of sustainable cosmetics and never miss an opportunity to reduce our impact on the planet.

Thanks to tireless research and development, we look forward to bringing the best innovations to market every year.


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