Hyal Ultra Cocktail

Herbal hyaluronic acid - possible upgrade with Neodermyl®, for additional skin elasticity (auto-reproduction of elastin in the skin), addition of an effective hyaluron filler


with Unitamuron H22® + Neodermyl® + Primalhyal Ultra Filler

Wrinkle Reduction Serum (vegetable hyaluronic acid + ultra filler) Supports the auto-reproduction of collagen and elastin in the skin (Neodermyl ®). Mild antioxidant effect (grapefruit hydrolate). Shows a uniform and 100%. The main function of the product is to provide the cells with metabolites to stimulate their metabolism (production of energy, proteins and cell growth).

Since there are no blood vessels in the epidermis, the cells are nourished exclusively by the passive diffusion of plasma from the dermis. During aging, the skin lacks nutrients and oxygen due to a less efficient circulatory system.

Active ingredients


PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller

is a unique and patent pending hyaluronic acid (HA) derivative,
that offers a cosmetic alternative to injectable fillers. It penetrates the skin twice as deeply as standard HA and, thanks to its complete acetylation, is resistant to hyaluronidases for a longer lifespan in the skin.

Unitamuron H22®

is a multifunctional polysaccharide complex of plant origin for modern skin care products. Products with Unitamuron H-22 not only improve the elasticity and moisture of the skin, but also show an extraordinary smoothing effect. The extremely beneficial properties of Unitamuron H-22 with regular use give the skin a long-lasting, extremely pleasant, velvety feeling.


is an anti-aging ingredient developed by Induchem Companies that acts like a wrinkle filler by improving skin firmness and elasticity without needle injection. Neodermyl® is an energy source for aged cells (see section 4 on how Neodermyl® works). This technical report contains the evaluation results of Neodermyl® in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo (clinical investigation on volunteers). Treatment with Neodermyl® can achieve the same results in just 15 days as a collagen injection by an aesthetic surgeon.


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