Mineral sources

The benefits of thermal water for various diseases have been known since ancient times. The idea of bathing in hot spring water has been around for centuries, it even inspired the modern spa as you probably know it. Hot springs are an important cultural tradition around the world, from JapanTrusted Source to Ecuador to Iceland.

Moisturize the skin.

In recent decades there has been a re-evaluation of the use of mineral water for the treatment of various pathological diseases worldwide.

Today water therapy is practiced in many countries that have a large number of mineral springs that differ significantly in their hydrogeological origin, temperature and chemical composition.


Some relatively promising benefits of thermal water are: Moisturizing the skin. Some research from Trusted Source suggests that using thermal water on the skin can make it softer, smoother and more comfortable.

Reverse UV damage.
The minerals in thermal water seem to have antioxidant properties, which, according to studies by Trusted Source, help neutralize free radicals and possibly reduce the risk of sunburn.

Reduce inflammation.
Thermal water has been shown to soothe irritation from harsh skin treatments such as Retinoids Trusted Source and reduce skin inflammation in eczema Trusted Source.

Balance the microbiome.
A 2018 study by Drawer suggests that thermal water helps balance the microbiome (or levels of healthy and unhealthy bacteria that naturally live in your skin) and reduce inflammation in people with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

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