Serum for Skin balance

Cares for oily skin
Promotes the elimination of seborrheic potentials on the skin
Restores damaged skin


Wrinkle Reduction Serum
(vegetable hyaluronic acid + ultra filler)

Serum with Unitamuron H22® + Neodermyl® + Primalhyal Ultrafiller
Vegetable hyaluronic acid - possible upgrade with Neodermyl®

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid of the highest quality
Helps in the self-reproduction of collagen and elastin in the skin (Neodermyl®)
Mild antioxidant effect (grapefruit hydrolate)

Hyal Ultra Cocktail

Herbal hyaluronic acid - possible upgrade with Neodermyl®, for additional skin elasticity (auto-reproduction of elastin in the skin), addition of an effective hyaluron filler


with Unitamuron H22® + Neodermyl® + Primalhyal Ultra Filler

Wrinkle Reduction Serum (vegetable hyaluronic acid + ultra filler) Supports the auto-reproduction of collagen and elastin in the skin (Neodermyl ®). Mild antioxidant effect (grapefruit hydrolate). Shows a uniform and 100%. The main function of the product is to provide the cells with metabolites to stimulate their metabolism (production of energy, proteins and cell growth).

Since there are no blood vessels in the epidermis, the cells are nourished exclusively by the passive diffusion of plasma from the dermis. During aging, the skin lacks nutrients and oxygen due to a less efficient circulatory system.

Anti Age Cocktail

Instant Lift Anti Age Serum with Hidrolatom grejpfruta cream gel with Easylliance® + Cube 3® + Principhyal Sodium Hyaluronate + Cyto Fruit Grapefruit Water® + Neodermyl ®

Age Killing serum

Serum with fast - immediate effect reinforces CUBE 3® - 3D hyaluronate III generation with "depot" effect.

In addition to immediate results, continuous use leads to a prolonged effect.

For quick preparation for trips, parties, etc. After only 3-5 minutes, it tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles.
With continuous use there is a prolonged effect
Mild antioxidant effect

Whitening Cocktail

Brightening and toning biomimetic serum.
Biomimetic serum for lightening and firming the skin as well as for regulating the skin microbiome.


Brightenyl® + Lucemine® + Ellagi-C™ + Twainmoist®

CEANO MESO WHITENINT SERUM is an excellent treatment to reduce dark spots, even out and lighten the tone without causing skin irritation.

Brightens and tones the skin
Contains vitamin C.
Regulates the natural microbiome of the skin
Moisturizes the skin (PGA acid)

Anti Cell Cocktail

based on plankton and geothermal seawater


Pro DG® + Lucemine® + Marilliance® + Crystalhyal®+Eau de source Marine®

Softening emulsion gel you enter the product to detoxify and reduce the waist circumference.

Reduces waist circumference and abdominal volume (plankton extract)
Detoxifies the body (vitamin C)
Moisturizes the skin (red algae extract + sodium hyaluronate)

Body Tight Cocktail

based on plankton and geothermal seawater


Cremegel mit Commipheroline® + Kukuiöl + Easylliance® + Crystalhyal ® + Lucemine ® + Eau de Source Marine ®

Firming body gel with a specific mechanism of action. Serum for breast tightening and regression of adipose tissue with geothermal sea water. Microencapsulated active ingredients and detoxifying agents that are gradually released and have a prolonged effect. Kukui oil improves skin tightening and reduces the "relief" from stretch marks.

Eliminates cellulite
Detoxifies the body
Tightens the skin

Elacoll Gel

Soothing mask, ideal after e.g. microneedling, mesotherapy or electroporation


Neodermyl® + Unisooth EG 28® + Uniglucan G51® + Eliorelys® + Twainmoist®

Face mask in the form of a serum with active moisturizing factors, yeast extract to regulate the skin microflora and sour cherry blossom extract to protect the skin from light aging and blue radiation as a result of prolonged sitting at the computer screen (blue + UV light aging)

Regulates the skin's microbiome
Moisturizes the skin (Twainmoist + Unisooth EG 28)
Makes the skin resistant to external influences (Eliorelys)
Participates in the formation of its own elastin and collagen in the skin (Neodermyl)


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