Serum for Skin balance

Cares for oily skin
Promotes the elimination of seborrheic potentials on the skin
Restores damaged skin


Wrinkle Reduction Serum
(vegetable hyaluronic acid + ultra filler)

Serum with Unitamuron H22® + Neodermyl® + Primalhyal Ultrafiller
Vegetable hyaluronic acid - possible upgrade with Neodermyl®

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid of the highest quality
Helps in the self-reproduction of collagen and elastin in the skin (Neodermyl®)
Mild antioxidant effect (grapefruit hydrolate)

Wrinkle reduction, skin smoothing, skin tightening, anti-aging, face lifting

Approximately 40% reduction in wrinkles

Active ingredients


Unitrienol T – 272 wsl®

Unitrienol Water Soluble ™ T-272 from Givaudan Active Beauty is a moisturizing agent. It is a bioactive complex with cell-regenerating properties that smooths wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and regulates the moisture and sebum balance of the skin. Unitrienol Water Soluble ™ T-272 is used in aqueous and aqueous-alcoholic preparations.
If 2% UNITRIENOL T-27 is used in a shampoo for the treatment of greasy hair three to four times a week for 28 days, a reduction of this greasiness is achieved. This positive effect is visible even after discontinuing use.

Pantrofina Skin®

Pantrofina® SKIN360 is a strong soothing active ingredient and free radical scavenger, which is especially suitable for the prevention of photoaging. Applications: day creams, night creams, anti-aging serums, after-sun products, after shave / depilatory products. Water soluble and easy to incorporate into any cosmetic formula.

K-Phyto Camellia®

K-phyto ™ [SC] Camellia is a powerful active ingredient obtained from the cell culture of Camellia phytoplacenta. It is therefore the perfect ingredient for dry and sensitive scalp applications that will save consumers and restore their comfort and confidence.

Clinical studies have shown significant advantages in rinse-off applications compared to placebo on the following points:
▶ Reduction of dead skin cells on the scalp,
▶ Improvement of the hydration of the scalp,
▶ Improvement of the scalp soothing.

K-phyto ™ [SC] Camellia is therefore the perfect ingredient for dry and sensitive scalps.

Uniglucan G 51®

Reinforcement of the skin shield
Uniglucan ™ G-51 is a multi-active beta-glucan complex to protect the skin from irritation, to activate the immune system, with smoothing and moisturizing properties for immediate and long-term effects.


Diglycerin binds moisture and supplies the skin surface with moisture.
It's also a natural moisturizer that reduces water evaporation from the top layer of the skin and helps hold the water in the skin so it stays nicely hydrated. Compared to glycerin, it has a larger molecular structure (a kind of double glycerin). Diglycerin is an active ingredient of various origins and is recommended. Biocompatible.


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