Anti Age Cocktail

Instant Lift Anti Age Serum with Hidrolat grejpfrut cream gel with Easylliance® + Cube 3® + Principhyal Sodium Hyaluronate + Cyto Fruit Grapefruit Water® + Neodermyl ®


Serum with fast - immediate effect reinforces CUBE 3® - 3D hyaluronate III generation with "depot" effect.

In addition to immediate results, continuous use leads to a prolonged effect.

The ANTIAGE COCKTAIL formula is a top product to slow down the skin's aging process. It is designed to rejuvenate and tighten skin, resulting in younger looking skin.
With continuous use, there is a prolonged effect.
Reduces wrinkles and restores the skin's youthful appearance
Mild antioxidant effect

Active ingredients



Anti-aging active ingredient of natural origin with immediate effect. ...
This active ingredient has an immediate anti-wrinkle effect that lasts for hours.
The skin is smoothed by the film-forming properties of the two natural polymers Hydrolyzed Polysaccharide and Acacia Gum.


is a full-spectrum biotechnological fraction of sodium hyaluronate aimed at short-term anti-aging effects.
A unique 3-in-1 ingredient that quickly improves the global health of the epidermis by strengthening the skin's barrier function.
CUBE3 also improves the skin penetration of other lipophilic and hydrophilic active ingredients in order to optimize their activity.

Principhyal Sodium Hyaluronate

Sodium hyaluronate for medical purposes for minimizing, reducing and removing wrinkles, tissue regeneration. 100% full spectrum of action of 2nd generation sodium hyaluronate Skin tightening, moisturizing and active ingredient reinforcement Performing active to improve the skin barrier effect and short-term moisturizing


A seemingly basic product in cosmetics, such as water, can play an important role in the sustainability of your formulation process. As the first ingredient in most cosmetic products, it is a good goal to be replaced by sustainable alternatives to drinking water. Taking water from fruits, we also enrich the products with a number of biological properties.


contains a molecule that supports the skin's own production of collagen and elastin. Neodermyl® is an anti-aging ingredient developed by Induchem Companies that acts like a wrinkle filler by improving skin firmness and elasticity without needle injection. Neodermyl® is an energy source for aged cells.


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