Ceano Meso Microneedling

Microneedling training Including machine, visage - microneedling pen incl. 10 needle heads (12pin) + working material for approx. 20 treatments

Basics of the Ceano Meso-Derma Pen
Introduction to micro needling
Skin (cutis) & structure of the skin
Treatment options
Side effects and care
Practical training on the model

Ceano Meso-DermaPen

Unique medical procedure in aesthetics:

This skin rejuvenation reduces scars, wrinkles, large-pored skin, acne, pigment spots, dryness of the skin, lack of moisture, and much more.


This regeneration beautifies and refines the complexion ...

... the skin is visibly renewed and problem areas are softened and disappear. For information about our training courses, please contact:

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+43676 7873240

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Ceano Meso
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