Anti Cell Cocktail

based on plankton and geothermal seawater


Pro DG® + Lucemine® + Marilliance® + Crystalhyal®+Eau de source Marine®

Softening emulsion gel you enter the product to detoxify and reduce the waist circumference.

Reduces waist circumference and abdominal volume (plankton extract)
Detoxifies the body (vitamin C)
Moisturizes the skin (red algae extract + sodium hyaluronate)

Active ingredients


Pro DG®

Slimming agent extracted from microalgae
In its center for marine biotechnology, based in Brittany, in the middle of an endless reservoir of species, Givaudan has selected a special microalgae, Dysmorphococcus globosus, to extract a product with exceptional slimming properties.

PRO-DG shows exceptional slimming properties due to its dual effect. Inhibition of fat storage by inhibiting triglyceride synthesis (in vitro studies) Stimulation of fat breakdown (lipolysis) by stimulating the cAMP rate and the release of glycerol (in vitro studies)

Inhibits lipid storage by stopping triglyceride synthesis,
Stimulates lipolysis by stimulating the cAMP rate and glycerol release,
Significantly reduces the thigh circumference (clinical test: -1.5 cm in 56 days).


is a vitamin C derivative with a lightening effect on pigmented skin. It optimizes the lightening effects of vitamin C and relieves its structural instability. Vitamin C is very sensitive to oxidation caused by heat, air, light, or even metal. It is easily degradable, especially when used in cosmetics. Due to its rapid breakdown, vitamin C rarely has the opportunity to show its depigmenting properties when applied to the surface of the skin.


Specific extract from a red unicellular microalgae (Rhodosorus Marinus), which stimulates the release of inflammatory and neuroinflammatory mediators that reduce the skin's sensitivity to external influences.
Mariliance ™ by Givaudan Active Beauty has a calming / calming effect, anti-pollution, anti-stress / skin defense NGF overexpressed in inflammation, leads to an increase in TRPV 1; IL-1α, which plays a key role in regulating the inflammatory response. It is able to improve skin longevity and significantly reduce skin sensitivity within 14 days and up to 89% in 28 days. Mariliance ™ is used in soothing products, day and night care formulations.


is a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid with very high purity that supplies and protects the skin with moisture. The Cristalhyal® range is a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid powder (MW: 1-1.4 MDa) obtained through fermentation using renewable resources. It can be used in skin care and makeup applications. As a pure HA powder, Cristalhyal is one of the most effective moisturizers.

Eau de source Marine®

Eau de Source Marine (spring sea water) is an active water that comes from the Soliance Marine Biotechnology Center in Brittany, France. This particular water is naturally rich in minerals and trace elements due to its contact with the sand and granites of its original environment.
Eau de Source Marine is more than just water, it is a moisturizer and a source of vitality.


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