Elacoll Gel

Soothing mask, ideal after e.g. microneedling, mesotherapy or electroporation


Neodermyl® + Unisooth EG 28® + Uniglucan G51® + Eliorelys® + Twainmoist®

Face mask in the form of a serum with active moisturizing factors, yeast extract to regulate the skin microflora and sour cherry blossom extract to protect the skin from light aging and blue radiation as a result of prolonged sitting at the computer screen (blue + UV light aging)

Regulates the skin's microbiome
Moisturizes the skin (Twainmoist + Unisooth EG 28)
Makes the skin resistant to external influences (Eliorelys)
Participates in the formation of its own elastin and collagen in the skin (Neodermyl)

Active ingredients



is an anti-aging ingredient developed by Induchem Companies that acts like a wrinkle filler by improving skin firmness and elasticity without needle injection. Neodermyl® is an energy source for aged cells (see section 4 on how Neodermyl® works). This technical report contains the evaluation results of Neodermyl® in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo (clinical investigation on volunteers). Treatment with Neodermyl® can achieve the same results in just 15 days as a collagen injection by an aesthetic surgeon.

Unisooth EG 28®

Unisooth ™ EG-28 is a synergistic set of "Gallate" derivatives derived from oak leaves and green tea and optimized through biotechnology that act on 3 main causes of dark circles.

Reduces skin inflammation,
stimulates the lymph circulation,
Vascular relaxation of the capillaries under the eye,
Only has visible results after 30 days.


Biological goals
NF-kB, interleukin 8 (IL8), VEGFR 3, heme oxygenase 1, chemokine CXCL1

Eye care, irritated skin, treatment against redness, eraser for dark circles, against puffiness, immediate calming, improves the microcirculation under the eyes, protection against environmental stress

Uniglucan G 51®

Reinforcement of the skin shield Uniglucan ™ G-51 is a multi-active beta-glucan complex to protect the skin from irritation, to activate the immune system, with smoothing and moisturizing properties for immediate and long-term effects.


The power of a delicate flower for anti (UV + blue) photoaging Eliorelys® - significantly improves skin quality with signs of photoaging by repairing skin damage caused by light and reducing the signs of aging.

Protects against UVA-induced formation of reactive oxygen species,
Improves the barrier function by increasing the expression of ZO-1 and Loricrin,
Prevents premature UV-induced breakdown of collagen fibers,
has a protective effect against photoinduced DNA lesions
Visibly improves the appearance and texture of the skin and shows the repairing property.

Anti-aging (anti-wrinkle) creams and gels, anti-photo-aging lotions and serums, face and décolleté masks, eye contour products, make-up products


contains polyglutamic acid (PGA) with high and low molecular weight for intensive skin hydration. At high molecular weight, PGA leaves a silky coating on the skin that becomes visibly softer and more hydrated. Thanks to their small size, the low molecular weight compounds reach the dermis to reactivate the synthesis of the skin's natural moisturizers.


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