Whitening Cocktail

Brightening and toning biomimetic serum.
Biomimetic serum for lightening and firming the skin as well as for regulating the skin microbiome.


Brightenyl® + Lucemine® + Ellagi-C™ + Twainmoist®

CEANO MESO WHITENINT SERUM is an excellent treatment to reduce dark spots, even out and lighten the tone without causing skin irritation.

Brightens and tones the skin
Contains vitamin C.
Regulates the natural microbiome of the skin
Moisturizes the skin (PGA acid)

Active ingredients



is a new generation of skin melanoregulator molecules that are activated by the stratum microbium. It restores perfect and even skin tone by blocking the melanogenesis process on several levels, thus controlling the darkening of the skin and reducing pigment spots. It also protects the skin and prevents inflammation, which helps control skin redness. This product can be used in lightening creams, lightening serums, lightening lotions, CC creams, skin tone enhancing gels and anti-pigmented stain serums.


is a vitamin C derivative with a lightening effect on pigmented skin. It optimizes the lightening effects of vitamin C and relieves its structural instability. Vitamin C is very sensitive to oxidation caused by heat, air, light, or even metal. It is easily degradable, especially when used in cosmetics. Due to its rapid breakdown, vitamin C rarely has the opportunity to show its depigmenting properties when applied to the surface of the skin.


is a natural ingredient obtained from the bark of the African tree Anogeissus leiocarpus. It helps the skin restore its youthful elasticity to delay the signs of aging. Stimulates the absorption of vitamin C in fibroblasts to boost collagen production,
Protects the dermo-epidermal connection thanks to its anti-MMPs activity,
Has antioxidant properties, Visible and significantly reduces the depth of wrinkles in just 14 days (clinical test).


contains polyglutamic acid (PGA) with high and low molecular weight for intensive skin hydration. At high molecular weight, PGA leaves a silky coating on the skin that becomes visibly softer and more hydrated.
Thanks to their small size, the low molecular weight compounds reach the dermis to reactivate the synthesis of the skin's natural moisturizers.


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